The same… but not the same. And certainly not the one.

I already knew it had been done… what I didn’t know was how many cloned dogs (and cats maybe) were already around.

I’ve had cats and dogs who lived a good life and died. I loved (love, really) them and it hurt like hell when they passed – it still hurts, really, at times.

(You know) I have two wonderful cats at the moment, Simba and Luna. I love them, and I just can’t imagine a life without them in it.

So I asked myself – even though it’s the last thing I want to think about – when they are gone, would I want to have them cloned so I would still have them? But then I realized I wouldn’t have them still… I would have clones – a clone, not the original – and it wouldn’t be the same cats I had shared so many happy moments with.

Sad, but true, isn’t it? The one I loved would be gone anyway…

And if I’d had the others – the ones who left me years ago – cloned, then I wouldn’t have taken neither Simba nor Luna in. I would never have known how loveable and cuddly they are, that Simba is also playful and adventurous, and Luna, shy and mischievous. I would have missed two wonderful cats… and they would have died alone in the cold.

So the fact of the matter is… they are unique. None other, not even their clones, would be them. I love them that much.

What do you think? Would you have your pet cloned – and if so, why?

=^.^=   =^.^=

Je savais que ça avait déjà été fait… mais j’ignorais qu’il y avait déjà autant de chiens (et peut-être de chats) clonés.

J’ai eu des chats et des chiens, et ils ont vécu et sont morts après avoir eu une belle vie parmi nous. Je les aimais (je les aime toujours!) et ça m’a fait mal de les voir partir – ça fait toujours mal parfois.

(Vous savez que) j’ai deux chats merveilleux, Simba et Luna, et je les aime et je ne peux pas sérieusement imaginer la vie sans eux.

Alors je me suis demandé – même si c’est bien la dernière chose à laquelle je veux penser – si je les ferais cloner après leur mort, pour les avoir toujours près de moi. Puis j’ai réalisé que je ne les aurais plus eux… mais leurs clones – un clone, mais pas l’original – et qu’ils ne seraient plus les chats avec qui j’avais partagé tant de belles choses.

Triste mais vrai, non? Ceux que j’aimais seraient quand même partis pour toujours…

D’ailleurs, si j’avais fait cloner les autres – ceux que j’avais avant eux – je n’aurais jamais eu ni Simba ni Luna. Je n’aurais jamais su combien ils étaient adorables et câlins, combien Simba était aventureux et joueur, et Luna timide et malicieuse. Je serais passée à côté de deux chats merveilleux… et ils seraient morts dans le froid, abandonnés de tous.

Alors, le fait est qu’ils sont uniques. Aucun autre, pas même leurs clones, ne pourrait les remplacer. Je les aime à ce point.

Qu’en pensez-vous? Vous feriez cloner votre animal, et si oui, pourquoi?

© AnneT

3 thoughts on “Seriously??

  1. They would not be the same. Luna without her infirmary would not be Luna. Indeed, she wouldn’t have been “there” that day you found her. And what if one passed away, then her/his clone was reintroduced. What/How would the other react?

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    • Exactly, they wouldn’t be the same… not even their own clones could ever be my Simba and my Luna. Of course, I’ve wondered more than once how Luna would have been if she hadn’t been maimed, but I guess I’ll never know. I love her the way she is.
      And I’m sure that if one passed away and his/her clone was reintroduced, the other one would know the difference. They are a lot more perceptive than us, mere humans, after all. 😀


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